We are on a south facing hillside so all pens get sunshine for some part of the day.

We offer two types of accommodation- Individual outdoor chalets with covered runs or indoor cattery pens

All our pens have been chosen for a combination of cat safety and comfort as well as ease of cleaning and hygiene. All pens have safety corridors, sneeze barriers and enough space for at least two cats (from same home) sharing, room for scratching posts, etc. should you wish to bring them. We provide feed and water bowls, litter tray and bed/bedding – although you are welcome to bring your cat’s own to help make them feel at home.

Please see information page for details of what to bring with your cat.

 Outdoor Chalets

Each pen is 9ft x 3ft x 6ft high. They have an insulated raised house with pophole to their individual covered run. They have a shelf for sunning and watching the world!

Extra large Outdoor Chalets

Similar style to above but these pens we use are for 2, 3 or more cats sharing (from same home – we never mix cats from different homes!)

Our Indoor Cattery

Some cats prefer being indoors so may be happier in here, each pen is 4ft x 4ft x 6ft, has a large widow with shelf so the cats can enjoy the view and an individual infra red heater.

We usually use these pens for first time visitors, we find they settle to the cattery surroundings and get to know us quicker in this type of cattery pen.